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What is a MillerMorse EllePot?

It is a 100% degradable fabric sleeve that is vacuum filled with custom blended propagation media.

Why You Should Use EllePots:

Plants root faster and have a healthier root system! The vacuum fill system establishes pore space inside the plug creating an oxygen rich environment for healthy root growth. Our custom soil mixes are designed for your propagation success. Creating the highest quality Ellepots to fit your propagation needs is our mission.

Watch Our Video All About EllePots:
3 BIG Reasons to Choose MillerMorse:


First in Quality

We know our customers expect the finest quality from our products and we absolutely meet that expectation.


First in Customer Care

We make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied. We listen to your needs and help you learn Ellepot propagation.


First in the U.S.

We’re the originals! And we have over 20 years of horticultural knowledge and experience to back it up.