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Ellepot Benefits

EarthPots greatly reduce our installation time – and they look cool too!  Reduction in labor, reduction in waste, reduction in cleanup...they are ideal... Thanks for the great product.

- Adam O’Connor, Director
Valley West Landscape - Wood Village, Oregon

EarthPots are the best from all perspectives: business, plant health and personal “feel good”. They are easy and fast to work with and that saves time and money. The plant experiences NO down time after transplant. And best of all, I feel good not using plastic that may end up in a land fill.

- Karen T. (The Supreme Garden Container Magician)
The Garden Corner - Tualatin, Oregon

At Landscape East & West we love EarthPots! They are quick to plant, there’s no plastic pots and mess to pick up after the job is done, and the plants establish faster with no transplant shock!

- Cody Plath
Landscape East & West - Clackamas, Oregon